Todos contra Ben Affleck (Humor)

Memes dedicados a Ben Affleck (Ingles)

1. Animated Batman’s First Reaction:


2. Animated Batman Letting the News Sink In:


3. Aflac Duck’s Reaction:

Alfec Duck Reaction

4. Confused and Not Sure How To React:

Larry David Batman Reaction

5. Evil Abed Reaction:

Evil Abed Reaciton

6. Am I The Only One? Reaction:

Affleck as Batman Bad Idea

7. Michael Scott Reaction:

8. Darth Vader Reaction:


9. Twitter’s “The Batman” Reaction:

The Batman on Twitter

10. Ultimate Sadness Reaction:

Ultimate Sadness about Batman Affleck news

11. Hilarious Christian Bale Reaction:


12. Mocking Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Reaction:

Affleck and Robin

13. Remembering the Good Ol’ Days Reaction:


14. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Reaction:

Fans Don't Matter

15. Late to the Party Reaction:

Hey Guys? Ben Affleck is Daredevil

16. Everyone Loses Their Minds Reaction:

Everyone Loses Their Minds

17. He’s the Hero We Got Reaction:

Ban Affleck's the Hero We Got

18. Superman Hearing The News Reaction:

Superman Hearing the News Reaction

19. Grumpy Cat Reaction:

Grumpy Cat's Reaction to Ben Affleck as Batman

20. Enough Already Reaction:

Ben Affleck Batman Enough Already

Extra Credit! Marvel’s Reaction:

Marvel's reaction to Affleck as Batman